Dawpex Lebanon is glad to announce his new service in UV printing: Glass, Plastic, Plexiglass, Granite, Wood, Metals and Crystal.

Welcome to DAWPEX

We Make Beautiful Custom Products for Designers & Makers


DAWPEX provides laser cutting ,engraving and crafting  services that are highly customizable,to turn your designs into great products. You just need to upload your design to our system and we take care of the rest. Pricing varies from a design to another, whether for small or large quantities, and your order will be delivered within 24 hours. For Business or Personal , we are pleased to craft your ideas.

Brands & Businesses

Stand out from the competition and be unique 

Creative Agencies

Do Something special for your clients

Designers & Makers

Let your creativity run wild and create astonishing gadgets

Engineers & Students

Professional or Academic , we can build any prototype you need

Interior Decor & Architects

Give your home a special touch of your inspiration


Our designers will turn your 2D vector designs into real products by laser cutting and engraving your designs on our beautiful flat sheet material that could be from plexiglass , wood or glass ; thanks to our computerized high precision laserjet cutting device.

DAWPEX Digital protory

Don't spend a cent until your design and price is just right for you. Get quotes for any of your endless design iterations by sending it to us through email or by form , and we guarantee the best unbeatable price for the highest quality. Our concern is to deliver a value added service.


You can order just 1 to get started for your prototype, or 100,000 to keep rocking. And anything in between , and we will do our best to finalize your order in the shortest delays, thanks to our high processing machinery,our dedicated team and our fast delivery service. 


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Large material selection

Wood, plastics, textiles, leather, paper, cardboard and more....Are all available in our inventory ,you can also bring your own material to craft.


Fast Service

Orders are fulfilled within 3-5 days max , but we can also provide a 24hours rush service for certain types of crafting.


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Diverse Applications

Branded Products , Architecture Models, Signage , Prototypes, Artwork, Fashion and more...

Who we are

DAWPEX is a leader in custom made elements necessary for business or personal needs.
Our team is ready to assess your requirements and get back to you in the shortest delays, .

Feel free to contact us anytime

What we do:

We Make Beautiful Custom Products for Designers ,Makers,personal use and businesses
Take your time to see our beautiful work and designs.

We can make any design possible

How does it work :

1- Create any design or shape and we will craft it for you
2- Submit your creation on the link below
3- You'll get your quotation in less than 24hours 
4-Once your order is confirmed , it can take up to 48h to get finalized
5-International and Local shipping available, please contact us for more info.